I am not a Theatre person, I am absolutely not a Musical person..

when it comes to entertainment I am more a Scifi/Fantasy kind of guy.

My girlfriend however has stated she misses going to see Theatre a number of times.. so I took the hint and for Valentines I grabbed tickets for some performances. She used to work at Canada Post, saw a comedy about a woman working in Post.. Perfect! Grabbed tickets to the Tuesday performance of The (Post) Mistress.

I went in knowing very little. The name, its about Canada post, its funny, and it stars one woman.. That is pretty much it.

After getting in the doors I saw the program.

post mistress

MUSICAL. My Girlfriend pointed that out to me and I sort of groaned and told her I wouldn’t fall asleep and embarrass her. Saw the bar and thought “Beer might save me!” and then saw the Cash only sign (and kicked myself for giving up paper money recently). we went in to find our seats (Seats 25+26) Excellent seats, slight angle to the stage, no one in front of you and traditional seating up the stairs behind you.

The set was excellent, simple but having some great little details (like real Canada post bags), I wanted to steal some pictures, but they did say no photography or filming and being someone who enforces rules for a living I figured I should abide by them (also pretty sure my girlfriend would have kicked my ass if I got us kicked out).

Patricia Cano plays Marie-Louise the main char.. and honestly holy hell that woman can sing. Powerful range and emotion packed into such a small woman. I can actually say she made me laugh and cry (The Babette story/song)

The show starts strong, has great songs good comedy. The thing I loved most about it was it was tri-lingual English, French and Cree which surprised me but really got me into it. Being Irish French and Cree on one side of my family and Irish and Cree on the other it made me happy to see/hear the three languages so beautifully used together.

I was really glad to have gotten to see this performance (and now will be hunting for anything I can by Tomson Highway) The Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre was lovely and comfortable, and the Arts Club put on a wonderful show.


I might take the girlfriend to more of these..




1 small head cabbage, Chopped
3 medium carrots, Chopped
2 medium yellow onion, chopped
4 stalks medium celery, chopped
2 900ml no salt added Campbell’s chicken stock
3 cups (after draining and rinsing) kidney beans (Used a Heinz 1.36L mega can)
1 786ml can Aylmer no salt added diced tomatoes (not drained)
2 table spoons garlic powder
1 table spoon black pepper
1 table spoon herb de province

Mix all ingredients in large pot, bring to boil, let simmer 60 mins.
1400 calories for 3.75L of soup.  yields 16 servings. Think about it you could eat a gallon of soup and still be under daily calorie limit!
I didn’t add salt, most people will want to salt to their taste.


I have some free time. Well truth be told I always have free time, but I have free time and my brain isn’t jelly at the end of the day.. which means I can read again!

I have been playing catchup on my reading list, and am carving my way through the books I already have, and am soon to dig into the books I have on order.

I have other books I need to order, my to read list is never ending, always growing as I find new Authors and books. I Love Goodreads as it has given me a lot of ideas, and occasionally I win a give-away and if I fall in love with an Author, I buy everything of theirs I can find.. (So far Claire M. Banschbach, Django Wexler are two discoveries from Goodreads who’s work I absolutely adore)

The problem I always have is there is never time/ability to read.. then suddenly there is plenty of both and not enough books to read. That or I do something stupid like leave a book at work over the weekend.

I’ve a few..

I get panicky and do not know what to do when I feel like I am losing someone.

Someone in my life has, lately been obviously bothered by something and seems pained and tells me “I don’t want to talk about it” while looking on the verge of tears. I love spending time with them, but lately worry I’ve done something, and makes me unsure if I should withdraw for their own good.. Though they might be wanting to leave or might not..


so no preserves to make in the winter/spring for me.. summer is a long way off and I’ve an itch to create.

I’m considering making myself some furniture.. I know it wont be the most beautiful, but I can make it strong, safe and to my own specifications. I might try my hand at a few things. tickle trunk (Mr Dressup style), custom desk, chair, coffee table, and other ideas.. I prefer working metal, but think wood might be easier/cheaper.. especially as Ill have to buy most of the tools.

Metal I’d need a welder, drill, grinder, band saw or chop saw..

Wood I would need a drill, saw and that is about it.

I’ve already designed a handful of projects…

Sad and Happy and Angry and confused.. Why do people we love do such a thing. I’m angry because I feel what he did was selfish, but then I am mad at myself for feeling he should have done what others would have wanted for him. I miss our fights as kids, drinking beer as teens (and more fights). I love you man and it hurts so bad that you’re gone. I’ll never forgive you, and I forgive you for everything brother.

January 8th 2014, 0:25 hours. Goodbye Leon.

feverish writing while self medicating with bourbon. you have been warned.

Seems the flu decided to wait until late in the season before kicking my ass. and man did it ever.  It’s been a week, and I cant say I’m any better. symptoms change. started off stomach flu, moved on to more of a head cold and fever with body aches, Sorta the Man-Flu. Missing my kid (who is with her Grandparents) and my girlfriend (who is in Hawaii). I take a nap and end up sleeping 13 hours and wake up slick with sweat.

start feeling a bit better, have some food (Yay keeping solid food down!) and a drink, I had a dark ginger ale and bourbon or two. Now I feel super and horrible at the same time. Hoping to feel good enough to crawl into work, then pick up some produce so I can make a soup or stew. And some Gatorade or some such. mm salty sugar-water.

anyway sorry people for this! (the two of you who randomly find it)