Brain esplody

I enjoy surviving. I’m not exactly a Prepper but I do like to hone my knowledge and skills so I can survive just about anything. Summer hobby has been Canning, and plans for next summer include canning using only produce, water and tools (juice preserved, no sugar, etc) to see if I can and how much work it would take to make a worthwhile yield. I planted a Black Currant bush on Tuesday, kind of excited about that. Hoping to find more local organic stuff next year, garlic especially. Also want to make a Zucchini tree for my patio this spring.

I got into First aid as part of my work, and I have since made it a hobby as well, collecting more gear, learning new skills outside the norm. I have almost all I need for a fully portable first aid station (hoping to get that finished soon) I have a small library on edibles in my area, survival skills, herbalism etc.

Collecting some tools and weapons, some old, some new. Knives, bow and arrow, basic tools, power tools.. all kinds of stuff, nothing too freaky (no battle axes, machine guns, etc) I want to find an old apple press by next summer.

Sorry its a bit random.. had a bunch of thoughts in my head and wanted to get them out. wrote a lot more and deleted it down to what little I thought made any logical sense.


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