Garlic Bowl trick

So I’ve mentioned my canning addiction.

I was talking with a co-worker about the canning stuff. I mentioned how I was disappointed I hadn’t found local garlic but that next summer I was going to get as much as I could get to preserve. told him I love garlic but hate peeling and he laughed and told me about the “two bowl trick” you take two stainless steel bowls. throw in however many cloves you want (I did a dozen to test) put the bowls together like a giant metal ball and shake like hell. I’ve seen videos now of it and they say 30 seconds, 20, 10 etc.. I did it for about 4 and my dozen cloves were peeled and the hard bit on the bottom was gone.

I love these simple little tricks.

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  1. djdfr said:

    I will have to try this.

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