Zucchini Relish and Flambéed Eyballs

Tried my hand at a new recipe, something I have never had before. Now trying something new and cooking either with no recipe or a new recipe is old hat for me. I love to cook and try new things. it was a lot more work that I expected, and far far more time. I didn’t know you had to let it sit overnight in pickling salt, so I started believing I would be throwing the final product in the canning bath within the hour.

Next day rolls round. Finally have the veg pickled and ready for the pot. all that is left is to add spices, and a Jalapeno. I cut up the pepper, lick my thumb and suddenly my mouth is on fire. Now I love heat, but apparently my nose decided to drip because of the heat, so I wipe with the back of my hand and my nose is suddenly on fire! put my knife down walk to bathroom to wash hands and I wipe the moisture from my watering eyes. I’m blind, Eyes chemically cooking I wash up.

Relish sealed in its jars, bath time over I clean up the cooking area, moving dirty dishes to the washing machine. I wipe my eye again and once more the fires of hell are in my eye.

This better be the tastiest Relish I have ever had.


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