Monthly Archives: January 2015

so no preserves to make in the winter/spring for me.. summer is a long way off and I’ve an itch to create.

I’m considering making myself some furniture.. I know it wont be the most beautiful, but I can make it strong, safe and to my own specifications. I might try my hand at a few things. tickle trunk (Mr Dressup style), custom desk, chair, coffee table, and other ideas.. I prefer working metal, but think wood might be easier/cheaper.. especially as Ill have to buy most of the tools.

Metal I’d need a welder, drill, grinder, band saw or chop saw..

Wood I would need a drill, saw and that is about it.

I’ve already designed a handful of projects…


Sad and Happy and Angry and confused.. Why do people we love do such a thing. I’m angry because I feel what he did was selfish, but then I am mad at myself for feeling he should have done what others would have wanted for him. I miss our fights as kids, drinking beer as teens (and more fights). I love you man and it hurts so bad that you’re gone. I’ll never forgive you, and I forgive you for everything brother.

January 8th 2014, 0:25 hours. Goodbye Leon.

feverish writing while self medicating with bourbon. you have been warned.

Seems the flu decided to wait until late in the season before kicking my ass. and man did it ever.  It’s been a week, and I cant say I’m any better. symptoms change. started off stomach flu, moved on to more of a head cold and fever with body aches, Sorta the Man-Flu. Missing my kid (who is with her Grandparents) and my girlfriend (who is in Hawaii). I take a nap and end up sleeping 13 hours and wake up slick with sweat.

start feeling a bit better, have some food (Yay keeping solid food down!) and a drink, I had a dark ginger ale and bourbon or two. Now I feel super and horrible at the same time. Hoping to feel good enough to crawl into work, then pick up some produce so I can make a soup or stew. And some Gatorade or some such. mm salty sugar-water.

anyway sorry people for this! (the two of you who randomly find it)