Monthly Archives: July 2015

I have some free time. Well truth be told I always have free time, but I have free time and my brain isn’t jelly at the end of the day.. which means I can read again!

I have been playing catchup on my reading list, and am carving my way through the books I already have, and am soon to dig into the books I have on order.

I have other books I need to order, my to read list is never ending, always growing as I find new Authors and books. I Love Goodreads as it has given me a lot of ideas, and occasionally I win a give-away and if I fall in love with an Author, I buy everything of theirs I can find.. (So far Claire M. Banschbach, Django Wexler are two discoveries from Goodreads who’s work I absolutely adore)

The problem I always have is there is never time/ability to read.. then suddenly there is plenty of both and not enough books to read. That or I do something stupid like leave a book at work over the weekend.


I’ve a few..

I get panicky and do not know what to do when I feel like I am losing someone.

Someone in my life has, lately been obviously bothered by something and seems pained and tells me “I don’t want to talk about it” while looking on the verge of tears. I love spending time with them, but lately worry I’ve done something, and makes me unsure if I should withdraw for their own good.. Though they might be wanting to leave or might not..