Books Glorious Books!

I have some free time. Well truth be told I always have free time, but I have free time and my brain isn’t jelly at the end of the day.. which means I can read again!

I have been playing catchup on my reading list, and am carving my way through the books I already have, and am soon to dig into the books I have on order.

I have other books I need to order, my to read list is never ending, always growing as I find new Authors and books. I Love Goodreads as it has given me a lot of ideas, and occasionally I win a give-away and if I fall in love with an Author, I buy everything of theirs I can find.. (So far Claire M. Banschbach, Django Wexler are two discoveries from Goodreads who’s work I absolutely adore)

The problem I always have is there is never time/ability to read.. then suddenly there is plenty of both and not enough books to read. That or I do something stupid like leave a book at work over the weekend.


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