Heir Heads.

Maybe I should say some more.  Look, I’m no writer, I’m just a guy who watches entirely too much TV and comedies, so bear with me!


Heir Heads has a solid concept, Brothers who have to earn a million dollars in order to inherit their fathers empire. Think Brewster Millions meets the simple life.. that first one dated me a bit. Since day one of the competition I have been rooting for the Heir Heads to be on the CBC. The show has a great look great people working on it and, unlike some other projects pitched, is Canadian without trying to pander to stereotypes.  This show would be great not only in Canada and abroad.

Their Project also has a wonderful heap of actors (that’s what you call a group of actors right?). Top of the heap are Ryan and Bruce who compliment each others style beautifully and you can’t help but like the half wits! You want to see them do well, but not so well that they get out of their predicament Bruce to me looks how I would imagine the good-looking rich dummy would look blond, handsome, slightly confused look perpetually on his face and a brilliant smile. Ryan has the schemer look, darker in appearance and tone, the brains of the operation.. Ryan walking down an alleyway talking had me in stitches. They also have many amazing supporting actors whom sadly I cannot name all of.

There are many great projects in the Comedy Coup ( and many of them I would like to see as shows, but none more so than the Heir Heads. They are a group of incredible, talented and passionate people. Even the guys behind the scenes are hilarious (not just the writers). I look forward to seeing them on the CBC next fall.