1 small head cabbage, Chopped
3 medium carrots, Chopped
2 medium yellow onion, chopped
4 stalks medium celery, chopped
2 900ml no salt added Campbell’s chicken stock
3 cups (after draining and rinsing) kidney beans (Used a Heinz 1.36L mega can)
1 786ml can Aylmer no salt added diced tomatoes (not drained)
2 table spoons garlic powder
1 table spoon black pepper
1 table spoon herb de province

Mix all ingredients in large pot, bring to boil, let simmer 60 mins.
1400 calories for 3.75L of soup.  yields 16 servings. Think about it you could eat a gallon of soup and still be under daily calorie limit!
I didn’t add salt, most people will want to salt to their taste.



So I’ve mentioned my canning addiction.

I was talking with a co-worker about the canning stuff. I mentioned how I was disappointed I hadn’t found local garlic but that next summer I was going to get as much as I could get to preserve. told him I love garlic but hate peeling and he laughed and told me about the “two bowl trick” you take two stainless steel bowls. throw in however many cloves you want (I did a dozen to test) put the bowls together like a giant metal ball and shake like hell. I’ve seen videos now of it and they say 30 seconds, 20, 10 etc.. I did it for about 4 and my dozen cloves were peeled and the hard bit on the bottom was gone.

I love these simple little tricks.

I enjoy surviving. I’m not exactly a Prepper but I do like to hone my knowledge and skills so I can survive just about anything. Summer hobby has been Canning, and plans for next summer include canning using only produce, water and tools (juice preserved, no sugar, etc) to see if I can and how much work it would take to make a worthwhile yield. I planted a Black Currant bush on Tuesday, kind of excited about that. Hoping to find more local organic stuff next year, garlic especially. Also want to make a Zucchini tree for my patio this spring.

I got into First aid as part of my work, and I have since made it a hobby as well, collecting more gear, learning new skills outside the norm. I have almost all I need for a fully portable first aid station (hoping to get that finished soon) I have a small library on edibles in my area, survival skills, herbalism etc.

Collecting some tools and weapons, some old, some new. Knives, bow and arrow, basic tools, power tools.. all kinds of stuff, nothing too freaky (no battle axes, machine guns, etc) I want to find an old apple press by next summer.

Sorry its a bit random.. had a bunch of thoughts in my head and wanted to get them out. wrote a lot more and deleted it down to what little I thought made any logical sense.

Tried my hand at a new recipe, something I have never had before. Now trying something new and cooking either with no recipe or a new recipe is old hat for me. I love to cook and try new things. it was a lot more work that I expected, and far far more time. I didn’t know you had to let it sit overnight in pickling salt, so I started believing I would be throwing the final product in the canning bath within the hour.

Next day rolls round. Finally have the veg pickled and ready for the pot. all that is left is to add spices, and a Jalapeno. I cut up the pepper, lick my thumb and suddenly my mouth is on fire. Now I love heat, but apparently my nose decided to drip because of the heat, so I wipe with the back of my hand and my nose is suddenly on fire! put my knife down walk to bathroom to wash hands and I wipe the moisture from my watering eyes. I’m blind, Eyes chemically cooking I wash up.

Relish sealed in its jars, bath time over I clean up the cooking area, moving dirty dishes to the washing machine. I wipe my eye again and once more the fires of hell are in my eye.

This better be the tastiest Relish I have ever had.